Apple’s independent domestic repair service company will repair the iPhone on-site!

An independent repair supply scheme was recently introduced by Apple, which requires separate repair service suppliers to use authentic Apple parts to repair iPhones to ensure protection and consistency. This service has now been extended to the country. Hi Repair has formally become an independent repair service company for Apple’s cell phones in China, according to International Financial Reports.

It is known that Hi Fix is a service portal for on-site cell phone repair and recycling. This company will be able to supply customers with original Apple accessories after becoming an independent repair service provider for Apple cell phones in China.

Around the same time, Apple also requires Hi fixes to be made according to the needs of the customer Hi fix approved third-party hardware, and the use of Apple initial Hi repair accessories does not impair the official product warranty. The customer can also search the repair record of the unit on Apple’s official website after the repair is over.

The Apple ecosystem has its own closeness, and for third-party service providers, Apple has very high access criteria. Entering the ecological chain of Apple is not easy. The organization has been talking with Apple since last year, according to Hi Maintenance. After that, Apple inspected them for a long period of time and eventually finalized the outcome until the specifications were fulfilled by the platform.