Apple’s iOS ATT limited ad monitoring capability is coming soon

Advertisers are concerned about Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency protection option in iOS 14, and sales will almost certainly be affected. The marketing firm expects its US$105 billion smartphone ads business to be affected, while advising developers to brace for the device monitoring disclosure (ATT) in iOS 14.5. Since it is estimated that few iOS users will opt to support ad tracking if asked to do so.

“The proportion of [opt-out] for consumers who saw the test prompt is not inspiring,” Adweek, a media source in the advertising industry, said. “So far, a median selection rate of 32% has been achieved. The smartphone advertisement market is ‘gazing into the darkness’ as privacy developments approach.”

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The industry is facing a repeat of Apple’s launch of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) in Safari in 2018. A source told the publication that the industry is facing a repeat of Apple’s implementation of ITP in Safari in 2018. ITP is said to have cost the media firm hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. Several advertisers are planning to change their market focus from iOS to Android at the same time.

Another source stated that their company anticipates a 9 percent drop in initial sales. Prior to the latest improvement in Facebook’s appearance, it was expected that advertisers will be affected by 60%.

“However, no one knows what will happen next, so almost half of advertisers are trying to discover alternative ad placement and calculation approaches.” According to Adweek.

When a user opens every software that uses this function for the first time, Apple’s “transparency in device monitoring” prompts them to select whether or not to support ad tracking. In addition to ATT, Apple would phase out the old advertiser identifier (IDFA) in favor of a digital advertisement system.

Furthermore, Craig Federighi said that he thinks marketers’ fears are baseless and that all technology firms would follow Apple’s latest anti-tracking steps.