Armed forces claim the blocking of Russian cult anime websites

A case against the banning of anime pages for dissemination of anime “dangerous to children’s health” was brought by the prosecutor’s office of the Kolpinsky district of St. Petersburg. “These were the Death Note series “,” Elven Song “,” Tokyo Terror “and” Interspecies Reviewers “. There is no disclosure of the list of places to be banned.

Anime as a menace to the welfare of children
The threat of an all-Russian blockade looms over the sites that distribute Death Note, Erufen rîto, Tokyo Horror (Zankyou no Terror) and Interspecies Reviewers, the world-famous and influential anime series. The St. Petersburg Kolpinsky District Prosecutor’s Office aims to prohibit their dissemination in Russia’s territories.

In the Kolpinsky District Court of St. Petersburg, the prosecutor’s office has brought litigation to outlaw such anime. According to RAPSI, employees of the department researched 49 films and series (their names were not disclosed), but only those members of Japanese animation saw illegal (in Russia) content. “information of a destructive nature in relation to minors, harming the mental health, moral and spiritual development of children.”data of a destructive nature in relation to minors, harming children’s mental health, moral and spiritual development.

What sites from which it was possible to download episodes of the anime “Death Note” “Elven Song” “Tokyo Terror” and “Interspecies Reviewers” were to be blocked were not identified at the time of the publication of the content. RAPSI, citing an unnamed source for law enforcement, writes that so far there are only three such portals.

This sites have no procedures for accessing content with age restrictions, so the prosecutor’s office demands the sites to be blocked,”These sites do not have procedures for accessing content with age restrictions, so the prosecutor’s office asks to block the sites,”

What’s wrong with these anime stories?

In one of the four plans for the all-Russian anime ban, prosecutors saw “danger.” For example, as the Unified Press Service of the Courts of St. Petersburg explains the “Death Note,” this is a sequence “about how the god of death became bored.” Often on the list are anime with floating body pieces, physical and emotional violence, non-traditional romantic relationships, scenes depicting people’s death in a naturalistic way and potential love choices. “

The main character, Light Yagami, receives a death letter, according to the story, which was “dropped” by the death god Ryuk, who was very “bored” Light continues to write down the names of those who might die, as well as the cause of their death. Light suggested the names of criminals in it, hoping to create a modern society in which there will be no crime.

In the department, the anime “Elven Song” was called “the animated series with dismemberment.” “The anime is about an interesting way to turn on robot girls.” And also an anime about male cynicism: the technical training school teacher, the secretary-typist, calls the girls auto-recording dolls, saying that the comment said the demand for doll services is high.”

In reality, “Elven Song” tells of the “Diclonius” intelligent beings which emerged in the course of evolution on the earth and became a new stage in human development. They are carriers of a particular virus that allows only female children to be born to individuals who are unable to procreate. A girl named Lucy, introduced in the series as the first Diclonius, is at the core of the story. As a girl, because of this, everyone bullied her, so she became a murderer and despised humanity. In the film, there are indeed scenes of violence.

According to the Unified Press Service of the Courts of St. Petersburg, the series’ Interspecies Reviewers’ is dedicated to an analogue of the’ Red Quarter’ in Amsterdam, where members of the human, elven and orc races operate. In reality, Interspecies Reviewers are set in a world inhabited by various races of intelligent beings. The demand for intimate services is common in this country, and against this backdrop, professional opponents of such services have arisen, specializing in determining the efficiency of prostitutes and ranking brothels by “testing” them.

In the sentence, the definition of the “Tokyo Terror” reads as follows: “After the bombing in Tokyo, two teenagers begin to terrorize the nation by posting threatening videos on the Internet that predict the city will plunge into darkness.” The series portrays an alternate world, introduces its story in Tokyo (Japan), where a terrorist attack took place, which was just the beginning of a series of terrorist attacks. Two teens were standing behind them, predicting that the area would “plunge into darkness.”

The prosecutor’s office has requested that the anime “Mediazona” be banned, according to the publication “Naruto”.

Cartoons and anime series based on a Japanese manga novel – a young ninja dreaming of universal recognition; beetles residing in the bodies of the Aburame clan’s members, capable of devouring the enemy, of acting as a shield and of making clones. This anime is described in the press service of the courts of St. Petersburg in each chapter – brutality, murder, crime.

According to RAPSI, “Tokyo Terror” and “Interspecies Reviewers” are listed instead of “Tokyo Ghoul” and “Aki and Sora” The definition of “Tokyo Ghoul” and “Aki and Sora” is not, however, issued in the official statement of the St. Petersburg courts’ press service.

Release of DVDs and past ban attempts

“In Russia, “Death Note” and “Elven Album” were officially released on DVD. In addition, all anime series were shown on TV and were, without exception, available for watching by audiences of all ages.

Meanwhile in Russia, the ‘Death Letter’ sequence has already risked being banned. As the body of 15-year-old schoolgirl Yulia Makarova was found in Yekaterinburg in the same year, who according to prosecutors, committed suicide, a certain Ural social activist Yevgeny Zhabreev tried to do this in April 2013. An investigation into her suicide was launched, and the Death Note manga was uncovered in her personal possessions.

This manga was released in Russia again in 2017, four years after the events in Yekaterinburg. It now has an 18+ stamp on the cover, though.

Accessible experience

Blacklisting pages that distribute anime shows are now witnessed by the Russian authorities. The Moscow City Court agreed in March 2019 to block a variety of anime services common in Russia and the world that were complained about by the copyright holder of the anime series Charlotte.

The Russian corporation Cinema Galeksi LLC was the complainant in this lawsuit. She argued about,,,,,,,,, and

Furthermore, at the request of the copyright holder, the sequence that became the topic of contention was deleted from all the sites mentioned, long before the decision was taken. But also taking this fact into account, in order to prevent potential infringement, the court nevertheless agreed to block them.

Moreover, as the same claimant had previously lodged a lawsuit with respect to other episodes, some pages were permanently closed. The,,,,, and portals faced such a fate, but and were unblocked after a while. However, they were still on the register of banned places as of 18 December 2020 and were not available for viewing (providers “Beeline” and “”).