Because of DX, NRI safe study, only 21% of south Asian firms checked their security policy

The findings of the ‘Information Security Study 2020 in Businesses’ were revealed by NRI Safe Technologies on December 15, 2020. The number of Japanese and south Asian businesses operating on digital transformation (DX) was 79 percent, according to the survey.

While not as strong in the 90 percent category as US and Australian businesses, it has risen dramatically from 30.7 percent in the 2019 poll.

In the other hand, with the promotion of the DX, 21.7 percent of Japanese firms have checked their security policies. It was slightly lower than the US and Australian companies’ 70 percent average, demonstrating the delay in response.

When asked about the status of supply chain protection initiatives, such as associated businesses and business partners, the number of Japanese companies saying ‘I do not know’ was considerably higher than that of US and Australian firms.

As a review of this report, NRI Secure found out that as DX and telework advance after 2021, cyber attacks targeting the supply chain and security threats will increase. In addition, compliance measures are extended to domestic and overseas businesses that make up the company-connected supply chain, and security measures are enforced not only in on-site information systems, but also in the cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service). He argued that methods for defense should be reconsidered.

The survey targeting information system and information security staff of corporations in the United States and Australia was carried out from July to September 2020. Using a questionnaire on the Internet, we surveyed DX policies and security procedures, and obtained feedback from a total of 2260 businesses.