Belgium wants to take regulatory action against Facebook, the European Court of Justice ruling next week

Saturday, October 4, 2020 – 9:36 ksa

As the European Supreme Court will weigh the arguments made by the Belgian data protection regulator next week, which believes they have the right to prosecute violations of the American social media giant in Belgium, the dispute between Facebook and the EU privacy regulator may intensify.

If the arguments of the Belgian data security regulator are backed by the Luxembourg-based European Court of Justice (CJEU), this may allow the governments of the 27 EU Member States to take action against Alphabet firms, such as Google , Twitter and Apple.

The Irish Privacy Authority is Facebook ‘s leading supervisory authority under the seminal EU privacy security legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR) and its one-stop process, since Facebook has its European headquarters in Ireland.

Google, Twitter and Apple’s European offices are all in Ireland. However, the ‘National Data Security Rules’ leave some leeway for other countries’ privacy authorities to approve violation decisions restricted to individual countries. France and Germany do this, for instance.

Belgian authorities have sought to prohibit Facebook from monitoring Belgian users by means of cookies stored in the social plug-ins of Facebook, but Facebook has objected to this, claiming that Belgium does not have regional authority. The European Court of Justice can, on 5 October, determine if this geographical authority is available to the Belgian regulator through Facebook.

Facebook said that it is appropriate to name a leading supervisory body responsible for cross-border privacy problems under the European Union bill.

“All EU companies subject to the General Data Security Legislation can benefit from this one-stop mechanism,” Facebook Assistant General Counsel Jack Gilbert (Jack Gilbert) said in an email. This process helps businesses of all sizes to recognize their regulatory requirements and respond to regulators rapidly.

“The Belgian Data Protection Supervisory Authority said the problem is clear. Aurélie Waeterinckx, the spokesperson of the department, said,” The problem is whether the one-stop process under the General Data Protection Legislation is robust or if it is for the local (such as the Belgian regulatory agency)) Leaves some space for compliance , especially when filing a case against a judge in the co-operation.

If the General Data Security Law extends to this case, which can be dated back to 2015, must also be determined by the EU. The EU Legislation on General Data Security was approved in 2016 and came into effect in 2018.