Boston Dynamics referred to the appearance of a spot robot dog in a French military drill, saying, “We just learned as well.”

A very unique soldier recently appeared in a French military exercise: Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robot dog Spot. Spot and the “robotization of the arena,” according to the Saint Cyr Military School in France, are helping “boost students’ awareness of potential threats.” It is unclear what role Spot will play in this drill, according to sources, but it is being used for military reconnaissance.

The Spot robot dog is developed by Boston Dynamics, an Internet celebrity robot corporation, and is the company’s first commercial robot dog, costing $75,000 USD. It can be seen both indoors and outdoors. It has the ability to map its surroundings, detect and avoid obstacles, climb stairs, and open doors. The robot dog is supplied by the European distributor Shark Robotics, according to Michael Perry, vice president of business operations at Boston Dynamics. Boston Dynamics has not been informed in advance of the robot dog’s use. Perry said, ” “We, like you, were only recently made aware of it. We’re not really sure what this operation’s exact scope is.”

The Spot robot dog had previously emerged at the crash site of SpaceX’s interplanetary spacecraft prototype SN10, examining the wreckage of the crashed interplanetary spacecraft. Spot will sniff out hydrocarbon spills, inspect facilities, log mechanical readings, and complete checks in environments where human personnel will be too unsafe, which may be why SpaceX decided to launch it.