Busan Port Authority, Preemptive Response to Cyber ​​Security in Shipping and Logistics

Saturday, October 31, 2020, 11:45 GMT

‘Ceremony of Maritime Cyber Security Council Founding’

On the 30th, the ‘Sea Cyber Security Council Founding Ceremony’ was conducted by the Busan Port Authority (BPA) with relevant organizations to improve their cybersecurity role in the shipping and logistics industry.

Hosted by the Busan Branch of the National Intelligence Service and coordinated by the Busan Port Authority, this event aims to reinforce the cybersecurity stance, which is a key component of the promotion of the Busan-Ulsan ports as a high-tech shipping and logistics hub in Northeast Asia, and to extend the exchange of information between relevant organizations. Hey. Seat.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by nine organizations, including the Busan Port Authority, the Ulsan Port Authority, the Korea Institute of Maritime Science and Technology and the Korea Institute of Oceans and Fisheries, and the Busan Port Authority agreed to take over as the first chairman of the board.

The event started with an expert presentation on cyber developments (Busan National Intelligence Service Branch) and port security focused on the Fourth Emerging Technology Industrial Revolution (Professor Kim Ho-won of Pusan National University), and in-depth discussions were conducted on different steps to improve cyber security in the maritime field.

As countries around the world have recently started developing smart ports and logistics networks based on technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), unmanned robotics, the Internet of Things ( IoT), and information and communication technology (ICT) based on the 4th industrial revolution, cyber attacks are becoming increasingly concerned. It is expanding.

The ship operation and logistics management system of the Iranian port of Shahid Razai was crippled by a cyber attack in May, resulting in significant uncertainty, and some services were disrupted in September due to the infection of the overseas shipping firm A, a ransomware company. There was an injury as well.

Vice President Kang Bu-won of the Busan Port Authority, who attended the gathering, expressed his appreciation to the relevant organizations that participated in setting up the council to respond to cyber threats in the maritime sector. We call for constant sharing of information and look for solutions so that we can do it.