Can LG sell tens of millions of OLED TV panels? Samsung officials dismissed the allegations

According to a variety of local Korean media stories published on April 10, Samsung Electronics is close to reaching a deal with LG Display to buy millions of OLED TV panels from the latter.

When asked about the possible deal in an interview, Han Zongxi, the president of Samsung’s Video Display (VD) business unit, flatly refuted it, saying it was all rumor. However, there are people inside LG Display who can confirm that the two sides have met on this.

According to reports, following recent meetings, the two companies’ executives have largely committed to the deal. LG Display will supply Samsung with 1 million OLED TV panels in the second half of this year, rising to 4 million next year, according to the deal. This will be Samsung’s first acquisition of OLED panels from its Korean rivals and industry leaders if the deal is finalized. In expert reviews, TVs with LG Display OLED panels have consistently ranked among the best.

More than five years ago, Samsung exited the OLED TV business. LG Display also sells OLED panels to a variety of TV makers, including Sony, Vizio, and Hisense, in addition to LG Electronics. LG Display announced the extension of its OLED manufacturing line last year. According to TrendForce, a market research firm, the company’s manufacturing potential will be expanded even further in the second quarter of this year. The overall production volume of OLED TV panels this year is estimated to be about 8 million.

While it is thought that the drop in LCD panel prices was the main explanation for Samsung’s decision to halt production last year, there are rumors that this trend is reversing this year. According to reports, LCD panels are becoming increasingly costly, prompting Samsung to look at alternative goods.

Samsung intends to buy panels from LG Monitor, but its own display division is working on QD-OLED TV panels. Samsung Display is currently producing a concept TV using this technology, according to local Korean reports, which will be submitted to potential consumers such as Samsung Electronics after development in June. The company’s QD-OLED panel samples sent to Samsung Electronics in January, however, were criticized for their poor visibility.

Samsung is preparing to introduce a number of new monitor technologies, including QD-OLED. Micro LED displays, which use tiny self-luminous LEDs to create photographs, were recently commercialized by the brand. While Samsung has used this technology in a series of ultra-high-end TVs, bringing it to the mass market could take many years. According to news, the firm is also working on self-luminous quantum dot televisions.