CEO Ericsson: If Huawei’s suspension ever remains, Ericsson would leave Sweden

The chief executive officer (CEO) of Ericsson said that Ericsson would leave Sweden if the ban on Huawei still remains.

The “pledgetimes” website cited the Swedish “Daily News” as saying that the ban on Huawei’s involvement in the 5G building of the nation by the Swedish government has triggered Ericsson’s concerns. Ericsson was worried that the Chinese economy would be affected, thereby placing pressure on the Swedish government.

According to the Daily News, Ericsson CEO Bao Yikang threatened in a text message sent to Swedish Commerce Minister Anna Halberg that the firm would leave Sweden unless (the Swedish government) lifted the ban on Huawei and ZTE.

Bao Yikang said, “I still hope to get the help of the Swedish government and our presence in this country can be taken seriously,”

Halberg said the Swedish government was unable to participate in the ban since the decision was reached by the temporary secretariat of the Swedish Post and Telecommunications Administration on the recommendation of the defense service and the Wehrmacht.

“Hi, Anna, I appreciate the work you have done, but at present, Sweden is a very bad country for Ericsson.” Bao Yikang replied.

Halberg told Bao Yikang that Ericsson is of considerable value to the Swedish government and that it will retain Sweden’s status as one of the world’s free trade countries.

You will fully understand why there are so few technology companies in Europe when you are in our position,”When you are in our position, you will fully understand why there are so few technology companies in Europe,”

Ericsson dominates about 10 percent of China’s 5G market, according to the report, and the company’s business also depends heavily on Chinese subcontractors. Public evidence reveals that Ericsson has attempted to employ attorneys to support Huawei in lawsuits.

“Interestingly, although we have talked with several Swedish law firms, no one wants to help Huawei. Unfortunately, there are many cowards here,” Bao Yikang said.

Bao Yikang made rather cautious public statements on the Swedish Postal and Telecommunications Administration’s ruling, but encouraged the government to take action in a text message in the hope of improving the authorities’ decision. Bao Yikang said, “I don’t understand how government officials have the power to make a decision that threatens Sweden’s relations with other countries,”

The Swedish Post and Telecommunications Administration imposed a ban in October last year to restrict the use of Huawei or ZTE network equipment for 5G rollout by Swedish domestic telecommunication firms. The enforcement of the ban was briefly shelved after Huawei lodged an appeal. In November last year, the Swedish court ruled that the 5G auction originally scheduled for January 2021 will proceed, while the appeal is still being processed.