CoopVoce launches GigaScuola for distance learning

The virtual operator CoopVoce has recently launched the new GigaScuola promotion for Distance Learning.

18:54 GMT, Friday, December 4, 2020

On 2 December 2020, the virtual operator CoopVoce unveiled the GigaScuola 100GigaDi+ option, which enables students under the age of 25 to take advantage of 100 Giga of additional and unrestricted data traffic to be used throughout the national territory.

As previously achieved by Tim, Vodafone and even WindTre operators, CoopVoce has thus worked via remote teaching to help students under 25 who attend school lessons remotely. Let’s jointly check out all the specifics.

By 31 January 2021, the GigaScuola 100GigaDi + alternative can be activated free of charge, as well as usable. To trigger it you must download, fill in and sign a particular form and send it to the email address gigascuola @, attached to the scan of the applicant’s identification card, to the CoopVoce customer concerned or whoever takes his place.

The size of all files submitted must not exceed 5MB, while the formats approved are JPEG and PDF. Until the accuracy of the data entered has been checked, CoopVoce will continue to enable the alternative, advising the customer of the actual activation via SMS . Only private users can subscribe to the alternative promoted by CoopVoce, it may not be extended, deactivated or discontinued in advance and the internet access is priced per single kilobyte.

The GigaScuola 100GigaDi + option is available from the day of activation until the 100 Giga disbursed is expended, with automatic deactivation and at no additional expense, and may be used no later than 31 January 2021 in any event. Any traffic that is included and not used by that date will be skipped automatically. Visit the operator’s official website to find out about the offer in depth.