Coronavirus: Google postpones jobs’ return until September

The outbreak of the Coronavirus outbreak has basically taken multiple businesses and even self-employed workers to their knees for almost a year. In reality, many have been forced to close their firms because of this scenario, and some firms have now invited their workers to work from home in smart jobs to minimize crowds. It seems that the Mountain View giant has indeed chosen to take this route for all these reasons. Google has also agreed to delay the return of its workers to the office until next September due to what has arisen in those hours.

Back to office for Google staff postponed to September
Because of the Coronavirus, clever work has now been commonly used by most enterprises and diverse organisations. Think about colleges and high schools, for instance, where distance learning this year has been almost mandatory and indispensable.

Google has also, as already stated, opted for this option for its employees. According to the New York Times’ Sundar Pichai (aka the company’s CEO), his staff’s return to office was delayed to September 2021, which is two months after the deadline originally scheduled.

In addition to this the Mountain View giant’s CEO has been dreaming about a new job style for its staff. There is actually talk of a “flexible working week” in which it is appropriate to go to the workplace to work three days a week (called “collaborative days”). You should do smart work from home for the remaining days, however. This is only a theory at the moment, although it is hoped that it may have beneficial results. “We are testing the hypothesis that a flexible working model can lead to greater productivity, collaboration and well-being.” Sundar Pichai said.