Cryptocurrencies are set to record their biggest weekly gains since the Bitcoin bubble peaked about three years ago, but the market crashed that year

Since the Cryptocurrency bubble peaked almost three years ago, cryptocurrencies are set to log their highest weekly gains, but that year the market crashed. This week, the Bloomberg Galaxy Blockchain Index, featuring Bitcoin, Ether and three other digital currencies, has risen by nearly 40 percent. This is the index’s biggest improvement since in December 2017 it reported a 55 percent increase in roughly the same period.

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Not only has the cryptocurrency been a sign of financial market success, but also a representation of people’s fears about excessive development. For the first time on Thursday, Bitcoin reached $40,000, and believers consider it as a mature currency that can protect against dollar depreciation and inflation threats. Others fear that the growth of Bitcoin, driven by a lot of fiscal and monetary support, is stupid.

Critics point to several possible sources of demand for cryptocurrencies, either from betting by sellers stuck at home in the short term, or from growing their holdings by retail and corporate buyers.

Evercore ISI technical strategist Rich Ross said investors should proceed to purchase Bitcoin and Ether with the opportunity to “set historical gains.”

But he also identified the prospects as’ tulip-like’ in a study on Wednesday, referring to the excitement for tulips in the 17th century, which caused one of the worst market bubbles and crashes in history.

The global market cap of cryptocurrencies this week exceeded $1 trillion for the first time, according to CoinGecko’s numbers, and it has quadrupled in the past year. More than 6,000 cryptocurrencies are protected by CoinGecko’s info.

On Monday, after regaining its lost ground, Bitcoin fell by 17 percent and reached a new record. Bitcoin had dropped by about 2.8 percent to about $38,638 as of 17:30 Beijing time. Around 3.7 percent drop in the Bloomberg Galaxy Cryptocurrency Index .