Cybercrime Heaven Dark Web leaks account information of 798 Korean websites

1,364 million accounts are posted on the dark web on Korea’s 798 websites, and 17 businesses sell 34 million user records on a separate hacker community and dark web.

Monday, November 9, 2020, 8:09 GMT

It was surprising that it was confirmed that 13.68 million accounts were leaked on the web from 789 Korean websites.

The attention of the related authorities has been focused on the latest sales of 34 million customer data from 17 multinational firms.

A dark network monitoring firm, NSHC, recently reported that nearly 13.64 million accounts were leaked on the dark web from 798 Korean websites.

On the dark web, the database of Cit0day, a website dealing with stolen account information, was leaked and shared.

This period, 798 websites, based on’.kr ‘, have been leaked and around 13.64 million (13,642,423) account details is revealed in a chart.

“In the dark web, methods used for credential stuffing attacks and Korean accounts (ID / password bundle) are mentioned,” a security specialist who monitors the dark web in this regard said.

He pointed out that the amount of active access to different websites by credential stuffing attacks through misuse of different account information is also increasing rapidly in Korea.

In addition, he said, “There are hundreds of millions of Korean account information leaked to the dark network, and it would be a breeze to gain account rights for most websites if a password stuffing attack is carried out with these lists.” It is important to take steps to verify if the associated account information has been leaked to the dark web.

In the meantime, 34 million user identity transactions were released on the dark web in early November, and cybercriminals who sold them say that they were “acquired by invading 17 corporations’ databases.” It was only late last week that this information appears on the dark web, and it is claimed that the information was leaked by only one person or one company.