Data leaks from Capcom such as pay slips and passports, or ransomware damage

In November 2020, the “Ragnar Locker” cybercriminal community, which claimed that it had received inside information from game giant Capcom, published on the Internet some details assumed to belong to the organization. I learned, by the 13th.

Saturday, November 14, 2020, 10:13 GMT

The data published on the Internet includes pay slips, passports, Active Registry, and NAS (Network Attached Storage) records, according to Nobuo Miwa, president of S & J, which handles security consulting. A spokeswoman for Capcom said he would “refrain from speaking” on the details and refused to say it belonged to the company.

On November 9, Ragnar Locker revealed that in a cyber assault on Capcom, it had acquired around 1 Tbyte of data from the firm. It includes crypto assets (virtual currency) instead of erasing data and is called’ targeted ransomware.’

According to Capcom, on November 2, the damage was discovered before dawn. It is said that, due to unauthorized intrusion from the outside it was impossible to access the mail system and file server.

The organization has not, however, revealed if the inappropriate access was due to Ragnar Locker.

While, due to illegal entry, the organization was temporarily unable to conduct operations at domestic and overseas bases, it is said that emails and other things have now been partly recovered. “In coordination with the police and other related parties, we are proceeding with inquiries and answers,” Capcom’s public relations said.