December’s Fastest DNS: Here are the ones to have right away

Many try to make the most of their connection, others to go to blocked sites in their contries. Let’s find out which are the best updated DNS you can use.

In this post, as per the header, we can see which DNS alternatives are the easiest and quickest to set up on your computer to browse the Internet any better. The DNS update, as you should know, will allow you to access sites that are blocked or blurred in Italy without any problems. Among these, we will certainly find streaming ones. In addition, this move would also offer you other perks, but the primary one is precisely the freedom to access any website without any restrictions or blocks. Let’s see in depth what this month’s best DNS is and how to carefully pick them.

Best DNS: what they are and how to carefully select them.
Changing DNS is really convenient and is beyond the control of anyone. Changing them and securely browsing the Internet needs so little. The issue for many, though, lies precisely in the decision of which one to use. There are in truth, multiple alternatives, so the complexity of picking them increases.

A delay in surfing, not only but also in downloads and uploads, could be immediately triggered by using slow DNS. At the same time, using fast ones helps us to make the most of our connection’s bandwidth and do several more things that we might not usually do. Choosing the fastest DNS will thus, be a very interesting solution.

Here’s the list of the easiest and fastest DNS to use on your Windows PC, Mac OS, Android, iPhone, iPad, and all other network-attached computers.

  1. Cloudflare :
  2. NextDNS : you can find them  at this link
  3. OpenDNS :
  4. Google :