Demonstration experiment of search and reservation of work facilities will start in January next year, NTT Com and other three parties

In mid-January 2021, NTT Communications performed a demonstration trial on December 8, 2020 that allows job facilities to be scanned and reserved using the ‘Dropin’ service feature that allows you to scan and reserve workspaces. It has been announced that it will start.

We can check the needs and problems of facilities that can protect workspaces at travel destinations and training destinations through this experiment. The value of the user interface, for instance, is checked, such as if the trial user will use the work facility smoothly according to the intent. The operating state of the shops that have the workspace will also be checked.

In cooperation with the Japan Telework Association and KNT-CT Holdings, the experiment will be performed. The date of implementation is set from mid-January to 31 March 2021.

The three parties will market a service that allows unified search, reservation, and payment by connecting information such as accommodation facilities and means of transport to APIs as well as workspaces on the basis of the knowledge acquired in this experiment. Reflect. Furthermore in cooperation with businesses that grow and educate human capital and businesses that invest in market matching and coworking space firms, NTT Com seeks to extend the impact generated by partnering to solve regional problems.