DeNA facilitates drug development with genetic data of up to 100,000 persons

DeNA facilitates drug development with genetic data of up to 100,000 persons, a justification for cooperation with the Japanese corporation’s US operation.

DeNA Life Sciences, a subsidiary of DeNA Co., Ltd., will launch a company to offer the data accumulated from genetic testing services to pharmaceutical firms for general customers. On December 3, 2020, the organization revealed that it had begun partnering with IQVIA Japan Division, which provides pharmaceutical firms with market support services.

We have mathematical knowledge that is not tied to persons. It is planned to be able to supply data on up to 100,000 persons with the approval of the inspection customers. It has been around 6 years since the genetic testing service ‘MYCODE’ was launched in 2014 by DeNA Life Science.

We need tens of thousands of findings to create high-quality scientific evidence. For a certain period of time, we have accumulated data,’ said Masaaki Hayashi, R&D Division, DeNA Life Sciences, MYCODE Service Department. Enlighten. Illustrate.

DeNA Life Science analyzes genes from the saliva of the patient in MYCODE and provides a study on the likelihood of the user’s disease and builds 280 products. In addition to generating papers, we have conducted joint research with the University of Tokyo Institute of Medical Science and food companies through the use of data with the consent of test consumers. The consent rate is around 90 percent for the use of data.

This time, by participating in the ‘Genome Wide Research Network,’ a platform developed by IQVIA, DeNA Life Science can provide pharmaceutical companies with results.