Designated as a specialized organization for combining pseudonym information, Samsung SDS, Statistics, etc.

In order to create a secure framework for the combination of pseudonymous records, the Personal Information Commission aims to improve collaboration with a combination of specialist agencies.

12:05 GMT, Friday, November 27, 2020

Samsung SDS and the National Statistical Office have been appointed by the Personal Information Security Committee (Chairman Jong-in Yoon, hereinafter referred to as the Personal Information Commission) as a specialist department for integrating pseudonymous information. The specialized agency association is an entity that safely associates pseudonymous knowledge in order to promote the vitalization of the data economy through data integration between various industries.

The first private sector to be designated as a combined professional organization was Samsung SDS, which applied for the classification of a combined professional organization based on its experts and IT facilities in each region. In the future, combined pseudonym knowledge, such as the introduction of new services, will be used for industrial research and will lead to the building of synergies with numerous industry-specific IA and big data analysis initiatives.

As the central administrative body in charge of national statistics affairs, the National Statistical Office asked for the status of a joint specialist agency focused on decades of statistical study of big data and data security capability. It is anticipated that as a data-specialized central administrative organization, which has closely connected, analyzed and serviced high-quality statistical data, it will play a key role in the secure use of data and the development of value, especially in the public sector.

In order to ensure that the pseudonym information combination structure can be continuously implemented and developed in a secure manner, the Commission plans to improve coordination with the relevant central administrative agency and the appropriate specialized organization.

It is understood that the Council for the Association of Pseudonymous Information consisting of the Commission for Personal Information and associated central administrative departments, will discuss the administration and oversight of the Association of Pseudonymous Information Specialist Agencies, the processes and regulations relating to the association of pseudonymous information, and the identification of association demonstration events. The Specialized Organizations Council is set to be organized at the beginning of December.

“Samsung SDS is the first to play an important role in the combination and use of pseudonymous information newly introduced by the enforcement of the Personal Information Protection Act,” said Chairman Woon Jong-in of the Personal Information Commission.

There are high standards,” he added. The initial requirements for secure data usage, such as the preservation of the pseudonym information system, the development of a robust support system for the combination of pseudonym information, and the designation of a specialist organization, have been fulfilled since the launch of the Personal Information Committee. In the future, we will aim to improve public convenience and generate new added value and employment in the data economy age by finding and encouraging separate integrated demonstration scenarios.