Donald Trump’s official campaign website defaulted

Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 8:27 GMT

Unknown hackers hacked into the official Donald Trump election campaign website yesterday (donaldjtrump.] [Com). Cybercriminals posted a “stub” on the resource’s home page, parodying the typical warning by law enforcement authorities of the seizure of the domain.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the message from the hackers read that “this site has been hacked” because “the world is tired of President Donald Trump’s fake news spreading every day.”

The hackers have said that Trump and his entourage have hacked many computers, and now they have several sensitive details at their hands, including details on the origin of the coronavirus. Along with this, the criminals posted the addresses of two cryptocurrency wallets, allowing everybody to “vote” by contributing Monero to one of the wallets for or against the release of this details. Most definitely, getting more money from consumers was just a ploy.

Dayface remained on the platform for nearly half an hour (until 23:30 UTC), after which it returned to normal. An official statement has already been released by the official spokesperson of Donald Trump ‘s headquarters, Tim Murto, stating that no classified data was compromised during the attack, and law enforcement authorities are already reviewing what happened.