Don’t be selfish at a cheap price! Again the mutual power bank has a problem: it will hack to the user’s cell phone

There has been persistent debate since the invention of the mutual power reserve. Previously, several concerns have been revealed online in the mutual power bank sector, such as high costs and poor protection.

The price of mutual power banks is lifted once during a vacation, many netizens said. Shared power banks are now $2 US/hour in certain places, and the price of shared power banks is also as high as $4 US/hour in some scenic locations.

The safety dilemma of shared power banks has always been the subject of the concerns of users. The problems that have been disclosed before are primarily downloading malicious applications to cell phones of users, infringing on the privacy and protection of property of users. The Commercial Daily announced on December 15th that the mutual power bank could track users’ cell phone news in real time.

Technicians have said that this kind of troublesome power bank can upload malicious programs to your phone if you use a charging cable that can transfer data. Criminals will still manage the cell phone of the customer and also do real-time tracking, even though the mobile phone is removed from the power bank.

Experts point out that it is safer to turn off the “USB debugging” feature in the “Developer Options” when the phone does not need to use the debugging function. You must be careful if you are asked to request user permission and switch on the debugging mode when inserting the power bank. There could be safety risks to the power bank you are using.

But there is no reason to panic too much for everyday users. Any of these power banks are distributed free of charge outside of the train station, mutual power banks of unknown brands, etc., taking advantage of the demand of the public for small and cheap.

As long as we’re not selfish for small profits, it’s going to be hard for us to win. Hence it is best to use a well-known brand of mutual power bank when you need to use a power bank. While the price can be more costly, security is at least assured.

The costly cost of shared power banks, of course, is also a concern. Several netizens have complained that charging a few times is necessary to purchase a power deposit. The power of mutual power banks, however is typically comparatively limited. It takes a long time for a cell phone to fill up, and it takes more time to pay. It is better to buy one for yourself for individuals who often need to use a power bank.

Moreover in mobile phone shops, offline stores of major brands now allow consumers to charge. If Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo and other brands have mobile phone stores nearby, they can also access the store directly to charge.

To guarantee the protection of consumers, power banks with harmful applications need to be heavily repressed by the state. As for the price rise of the power banks, it is important to control and govern related agencies.