Don’t let your mobile phone owe fees at will, it may be the first to implement the credit investigation in Chinia

Monday, October 12, 2020, 22:08 GMT

According to media reports, on October 10, China Telecom Jiangxi will have access to the personal credit investigation system’s arrears records, which will be introduced in November 2020.

The customer service of Jiangxi Telecom advised the media that if the previously used telephone number of the person is in arrears for 3 months and has not paid the arrears, or enjoys a discount on cell phone bills, has an online arrangement but has not fulfilled the contract results, they will be subject to the Letter system entry.

If the client is only in arrears for one or two months, as long as the bill is made on time, he will not be related to the credit inquiry. However, there are poor papers in the personal credit investigation, and loans and transportation will be affected to varying degrees.

In addition, the customer service pointed out that if consumers do not wish to proceed using a particular cell phone number, instead of leaving it in arrears, they have to terminate the account.