DXO preview iPhone 12 Pro Max camera evaluation: or compete with Huawei Mate40 Pro

Apple unveiled four versions of the iPhone12 series this year including the iPhone12Pro and iPhone12ProMax as high-end flagships.

Saturday, November 14, 2020, 7:11 GMT

With a detailed score of 128 points, DXOMark has now revealed the iPhone12Pro camera score, making it among the top five on the DXO list.


Relevant scores: iPhone12Pro 135 picture points, 66 zoom points, 112 video points, and 128 total performance points.

The top five DXOMark camera lists currently include: Huawei Mate40Pro (136 points), Xiaomi 10 Extreme Version (133 points), Huawei P40Pro (132 points), iPhone12Pro and Xiaomi 10Pro in fifth position, and iPhone12Pro in the DXOMark rating system is currently the highest iPhone result.

DXOMark is now assessing the iPhone12ProMax after reporting the iPhone12Pro camera score. The official said the assessment of the iPhone12ProMax camera would be presented shortly.

The camera score of the iPhone12ProMax is also worth looking forward to because of the good results of the iPhone12Pro. I assume the Huawei Mate40Pro, which is now ranked number one will compete.