Epic Games strikes back again!

Monday, October 26, 2020, 2:00 GMT

The “war” is not over between Epic Games and Apple.

Point out that Apple has no right to obtain the fruits of its labor, and the trial will begin.

Epic Games claimed in the Epic Games case against Apple that it had not “stolen” anything from Apple and denied the stealing of Apple.

Around the same time, in the new court papers, Epic Games again struck back , saying that Apple had no right to receive labor outcomes from Epic Games.

Apple vs Epic Games

As Epic Games launched a new direct payment system in its Fortnite game software in August of this year, which bypassed the 30% fee paid by the Apple App Store, Apple kicked it out of the App Store, the reason being that it broke the laws of Apple.

Epic Games also said Apple also threatened to cancel the developer account funding the Unreal Engine platform of the company, which in the future would preclude developers of Epic Games from producing games for iOS or Mac.

Epic Games filed a federal lawsuit against Apple shortly afterward, accusing Apple of violating antitrust laws.

Apple agreed to hold to the finish in the wake of the litigation and filed a countersuit against Epic Games, suing Epic Games for supposed violation of the iOS App Store deal. Around the same moment, Apple even accused its illegal profits of allowing the bond between Apple and its consumers to be disrupted.

Apple maintains that it has valid economic motives behind its actions

(Apple’s) conduct is fair at all time … The conduct is in good faith to encourage legitimate commercial interests and has the effect of fostering, fostering and growing competition.
At the same time , Apple also found out that the gross disregard of its contractual obligations and other unethical actions by Epic Games caused Apple considerable harm.

Epic Games showed little vulnerability and struck back again.

Epic Games claimed that it did not take anything belonging to Apple in the complaint filed last Friday, nor did it prohibit Apple from acquiring any possible economic benefit from Fortnite players and their handling of Fortnite. Benefits, but it is difficult for Apple to “steal” money from the selling of its own artistic accomplishments.

Epic Games compared Apple to the “Epic Games agent” in the App Store deal in the last 20-page legal document, but as far as iTunes-related legal documents are concerned, Apple is not a one-sided distribution arrangement or user agreement.

The Epic Games and Apple case will now begin a complete trial process, which is scheduled to be conducted in the summer of 2021.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers is of the view that a jury should try the case. Rogers said that understanding the feelings of ordinary people, knowing what people think about these safety challenges, is really important.

Apple and Epic Sports, however, both agree that the court ruling should be made, not the media.