Ethereum: here is the cryptocurrency that looks to the future, just like Bitcoin

Ethereum and the network’s future alerts
Ethereum is one of the cryptocurrencies that has received a lot of attention in recent months. If Bitcoin is the gold of digital currencies, Ethereum, as the cryptocurrency that drives the blockchain, may be related to electricity.

Because of this, the company’s announcement of a new network upgrade is attracting even more attention to itself. It’s called EIP-1559, and it’ll use the bid cap to get Ethereum closer to Bitcoin.

In turn, this update would significantly reduce the importance of the miners, who were previously the central characters. A commission will be created that agents will pay until it is permanently abolished by simplifying the measurement of the fees payable for decentralized financial services.

All of this will alter the view of Ethereum by investors. This will broaden the types of investments that can be made. It seems that businesses are interested in reserving a spot in this asset. Any people could have already invested by using Ethereum as a piggy bank in case of an emergency.

That is why this cryptocurrency has a forward-thinking mindset. It would no longer be seen as a speculative asset, but rather as a digital product, due to its ability to transform skin and material. It is not ruled out that credit institutions will start to exist in the Ethereum universe in the future.

Meanwhile, several pieces of information are hitting the cryptocurrency’s followers, or rather, buyers. The news that Amazon is now supporting Ethereum in its blockchain network is not recent.