Evidence suggests that Apple will launch its Apple Card in Australia and elsewhere

Evidence suggests that Apple is about to introduce Apple Card in Australia, according to international media outlets AppleInsider. Moreover, as Apple is looking for cooperative banks, the company will introduce the Apple Card in other countries before the end of 2020 as well.

In 2019 the issuing bank Goldman Sachs launched Apple Card in the United States.

Designed on the idea of digital use, this credit card exists in the Apple Wallet application but consumers can select a physical card made from titanium alloy.

Proof of global expansion of the Apple Card was identified in an investigation conducted by MacRumors.

It is almost difficult to conceal the launch of a credit card globally through the supervisory mechanism alone, so certain information would eventually be revealed.

An Australian bank employee given some information about Apple ‘s plan indicating that the company has contacted banks in multiple regions and is preparing to launch it by 2020. The bank employee has suggested that the Australian launch would take place concurrently with the iOS 14 update, such as iOS 14.1 or iOS 14.2.

Apple has many vacancies for Apple Card product managers including travel and collaborating with “global partners.
” Other evidence includes mentioning the GDPR of Apple Card in the iOS 14 beta 8 code, which is needed only when the card is launched in Europe.

Apple Card is a credit card that can be used with Apple Pay to get cash back rewards of 2 percent on certain transactions, or rewards of 3 percent on Apple Shopping and some retailers.

The physical card enables consumers to get back 1 per cent cash for all transactions.

It is very likely that the Apple Card will not be released internationally at once, since the regulatory authorities in each country need to approve the card in their own time.

The “Time Flies” occurrence on September 15th will be a moment when the announcement of this extension is likely.
At this case, Apple is expected to launch its “Apple Watch Series 6,” and “iPad Air 4.”