Expert surpasses Trony with a flyer never seen before

Expert collects all the best offers of the period, and condenses them into a single leaflet suitably concentrated with discounts.

Expert opens the doors of its shops to Orange Christmas, a promotional campaign specially planned for the Christmas season, and inside which there are many ridiculous discounts among which customers can get rid of themselves to hit the most coveted items.

In order not to lose sight of even a potential buyer, Expert has agreed to trigger the promotion in all points of sale, but particularly on the official website, so that anyone can access it even from home, enjoying the delivery to the home (but only to payment). (but only to payment). We stress the existence of the regular Zero Discount, with payment in increments without interest, in case you do not want to pay immediately.

Expert: the most competitive prices are these
The discounts never cease to amaze with Expert, in reality it is one of the first realities that you can see the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G discounted at rates much lower than usual, considered a price list of nearly EUR 1400, the order for the duration is around just EUR 1199, and they are very few.

The alternatives are present, and in any case concern xiaomi Mi 10T Lite, an excellent balance between consistency and relatively low price, even arriving on Huawei P Smart 2021, Oppo A52, Xiaomi Redmi 9AT, LG K52 and the like, provided the figure of only EUR 319.

In order to help you appreciate all the discounts and the company’s rewards, the Expert flyer has been inserted in depth in the post.