Exposure to the production by Samsung of a 600 million pixel sensor lens area covering 12% of the back of the phone

As a multinational powerhouse of cell phone makers, the R&D power of Samsung is evident to everyone. Samsung has also created a camera of 108 million pixels for cell phone imaging. Today, international media say that a 600 million pixel sensor is being produced by Samsung.

A informant who appears to have a strong partnership with Samsung has reported that Samsung is now building a 600 million pixel sensor, according to international media sources. He shared an internal paper to ensure that the news was correct (or slide of the presentation).

We have every justification, therefore to believe the study. This slide shows a lot of details, from some key requirements to the project’s encouragement. Samsung said that Samsung aims to address this issue with a larger sensor as 4K and 8K video capture gets more and more popular. Without disrupting the video output, the sensor will amplify the video.

This CMOS sensor has a diagonal range of up to 1/0.57 inches, according to records, and the area is twice as wide as the latest largest CMOS sensor for cell phones, and also surpasses the M4/3 micro-single CMOS main. The single pixel size of the sensor is 0.8μm.

Foreign media, however, said that the 600 million pixel sensor from ISOCELL will not be available soon, because Samsung must first solve the camera protrusion issue. 12 percent of the back panel of the cell phone has to be filled by a 1/0.57 inch wide sensor, protruding around 22mm.