Facebook complains about Apple: users should be allowed to choose their favorite SMS application

Apple requires users to change the default program for searching the web and managing emails in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. But by default, many other forms of users, including SMS, songs, calendars, etc., also use Apple applications.

Facebook is deeply unhappy with this and is seeking to convince Apple to let users use their preference software for text messages.

Stan Chudnovsky, head of Facebook Messenger, said: “We believe that people should be able to choose different instant messaging apps and other default apps on their phones. In general, the trend is moving in this direction. “According to him, Facebook has often asked Apple to make third-party apps become client-side text messaging apps for many years, but it has always been rejected. When asked why Apple was unwilling to change its position, Chudnovsky said: “We guessed that this is because the news is driving Apple’s hardware sales.”

This guess could be correct: what people buy and an important factor for sticking to the iPhone is Apple’s iMessage platform and its many features introduced to iPhone users, such as voice contact, reading receipts, response / typing indicators, stickers and message effects, and Memoji, etc.

On Friday, however, Apple revealed that it would remove the 30 percent commission from in-app sales for online activities on Facebook. Facebook has already reported that Apple’s payments have caused considerable harm to small companies suffering from the latest crown crisis and economic damages. At the end of 2020, the temporary deal will expire.

Although this is a tiny Facebook success, it is clear that the company has larger ambitions and also needs to be a larger part of the experience of the iPhone. Between Instagram , Facebook and WhatsApp, the business has incorporated the instant messaging network. As Apple continues to face politicians ‘censorship and developers’ rising public scrutiny, Facebook seems to think it’s time to raise the pressure.