Fastweb Mobile: the upcoming 5G network will soon be official in Italy

Fastweb Mobile has publicly announced its new 5G network in Italy, and a special deal has already been proposed. The specifics are here.

Fastweb Mobile has also recently formally unveiled a new 5G network in the Italian territory, joining the separate telecom operators. It begins with just a few cities at first, but the company’s commitment is to extend the network of the fifth generation to the whole world as quickly as possible.

The new 5G network of Fastweb Mobile arrives officially in Italy
In the end, by proposing a new fifth generation network, Fastweb Mobile has joined other telecom operators in Italy. In this first step, as already mentioned, the network is only accessible in some cities. Rome, Naples, Bologna and Milan are among them. Right here, in fact, the company’s latest 5G platform was checked with NeXXt 5G and 135.33 Mbps downloaded and 6.97 Mbps uploaded.

The telecom operator has also made available an offer known as Fastweb NeXXt Mobile, dedicated to this connectivity. For the latter, at a rate of 8.95 euros per month, you will have unlimited minutes (both fixed and mobile), 50 GB of data traffic and 100 SMS to all national numbers. In addition, no extra investments will be needed, either for those that are already subscribers or for new ones, in order to take advantage of the new 5G network.

However, you would need to have a compatible device in order to take full advantage of the latest connectivity. In this respect, a list of compatible devices has recently been released by Fastweb that will be continuously updated. They include: Xiaomi Mi 10 T Pro 5G, Xiaomi Mi 10 T 5G, Xiaomi Mi 10 T Lite 5G, Oppo Reno 4 Pro 5G, Oppo Reno 4 5G, Oppo Reno 4 Z 5G, ZTE Axon 11 5G, Huawei P40 Pro + 5G, Huawei P40 Pro 5G, Huawei P40 5G, Huawei P40 5G, Huawei P40 Lite 5G.