Firefox Recently has released a patch for critical vulnerabilities

Mozilla Firefox is an open source Web browser of the Mozilla Foundation in the United States.

Firefox has release a patch for a buffer overflow vulnerability.

Recently Firefox vulnerabilities reports:

1) CVE-2021-23981: Texture upload into an unbound backing buffer resulted in an out-of-bound read
A texture upload of a Pixel Buffer Object could have confused the WebGL code to skip binding the buffer used to unpack it, resulting in memory corruption and a potentially exploitable information leak or crash.

2) CVE-2021-23982: Internal network hosts could have been probed by a malicious webpage
Using techniques that built on the slipstream research, a malicious webpage could have scanned both an internal network’s hosts as well as services running on the user’s local machine utilizing WebRTC connections.
3) CVE-2021-23983: Transitions for invalid ::marker properties resulted in memory corruption
By causing a transition on a parent node by removing a CSS rule, an invalid property for a marker could have been applied, resulting in memory corruption and a potentially exploitable crash.

We recommended you to download the lastest Firefox update.