First 1αnm memory method of Micron worldwide: LPDDR5 density up 40%

It is also the most advanced DRAM process to date, which can dramatically improve storage density, performance and lower power consumption, the Micron has begun mass shipments of DRAM memory chips based on the 1αNM process. The DRAM memory and Flash memory process nodes do not use specifically specified numbers, unlike new goods like CPU and GPU, although the later, more advanced or 1xnm is closer to 20nm, the later, 1αnm is closer to 10nm, but 1αnm is fewer.

A range of memory chips, especially the basic LPDDR5 of the new flagship cell phones, can be used with Micron’s 1αnm DRAM technique. In contrast to the 1z process, capacity can increase by up to 40% and power use can be reduced by 15%. , Will make 5G cell phones run faster, body smaller and lighter, and battery life longer.

This latest technology will also be used by DDR4, LPDDR4 and even potential DDR5, and various implementations such as laptops, tablets, tables, servers and embedded systems are supported.

The Taiwan fab Micron began mass production of 1αnm DRAM memory cips and was delivered to them. The first package is the Vital brand of DDR4 memory chips. It will also be used in LPDDR4’s test development and assessment in future and for more memory forms.