Fitbit provides paid health promotion service in Japan, JMDC exclusively sells for corporations

Fitbit also started to sell “Fitbit Premium,” in the US, a paying fitness promotion program targeted for citizens in Japan. JMDC, which offers wellness and medical data analytical services, can handle distribution to companies. On November 26, 2020, the two firms announced they had signed an exclusive deal in Japan for corporate sales. Through integrating and reviewing the health and medical data held by the organization, Fitbit tracker terminal data, and Fitbit Premium data, JMDC plans to establish a new disease prevention service.

12:54 GMT, Tuesday, December 1, 2020

JMDC analyzes the health insurance unit receipts (insurance medical care content) and drug history data collected by the application and provides the union with a tool to devise steps to curb medical expenses. We have accumulated and processed data for 8,95 million individuals so far.

We often recommend that union officials wear wearable terminals as a part of data collection, and JMDC has been marketing Fitbit wearable terminals for some time to health insurance associations and others. This period, Fitbit Premium will offer a set free of charge for one year that comes with the Fitbit Inspire 2 wearable terminal from Fitbit.’

Fitbit Premium is a service that supports lifestyle improvements due to the situation of the user using the Fitbit wearable tracker to improve health. The app presents a report that personally analyzes the sleep and workout state of the person, and displays individual recommendations. Users aim to reach the target value set by using guided material in terms of perception, fitness, food, sleep, etc.

JMDC claims that it would be possible to calculate the results of steps taken by the health insurance association by evaluating the use status of Fitbit Premium along with evidence from health examinations and receipts. It can be used for the preparation of more successful health care association initiatives and the creation of innovative disease prevention programs.