For Linux 5.13, AMD has sent ASPM help and FreeSync repair solutions

Another round of updates was sent out on Friday, in addition to the Aldebaran support, FreeSync HDMI, and other changes that had previously been made to the AMDGPU feature of Linux 5.13. DRM-latest Next’s “function” upgrade period has expired, as the Linux 5.13 merge window will open next week. The most recent AMDGPU pull request focuses on bug fixes.

This pull request now includes ASPM support, which is the PCI Express active state power management feature. AMD is finally planning to allow ASPM for Navi 1x GPU to help reduce GPU power consumption, as reported earlier this month. When there is no movement on the bus, ASPM causes the PCIe connection to be turned off or put into a low-power state. The power savings of smartphone and laptop are always worthwhile, with the exception of a few hardware/drivers that have exit latency problems.

Not only Navi 1x, but also patches to allow ASPM for Vega and Polaris are being submitted as part of this submission. As a result, under Linux 5.13 and later, these newer generation GPUs will save some moderate strength. About the fact that it took a long time, I actually had my eyebrows.