For the first time, Amazon Cloud Technology unveiled its China market plan, dubbed “troika.”

According to reports from March 25, Amazon Cloud Technology held a media contact meeting in Beijing today, and for the first time, officially unveiled the “Troika, Going Together” China business plan. Focus on Chinese customers to cultivate local, overseas customers rooted in China, and Chinese customers who effectively go overseas are the three troikas. The external brand of Amazon’s cloud company in China was reportedly updated to Amazon Cloud Technology in February this year, and the AWS standard was no longer used.

For the first time today, Amazon Cloud Technology unveiled its China market plan, “Troika, Going Together.” “China is one of the most important countries in the global growth of Amazon Cloud Technology,” said Zhang Wenyi, Amazon Global Vice President and Executive Director of Amazon Cloud Technology Greater China. The ‘Troika, Going Together’ approach represents Amazon Cloud Technology’s uniqueness. Advantages and positioning are the bedrock of our long-term success in China.”

According to Zhang Wenyi, Amazon Cloud Technology’s troika is as follows: “Chinese customers benefit from the world’s most advanced cloud technology and services, allowing them to better grow local business; international customers benefit from the quality of global IT architecture and experience, which is both efficient and fast. Rooted in the Chinese sector, our global infrastructure and services link Chinese customers to the rest of the world.”

Amazon Cloud Technology also announced that the Amazon Cloud Technology (Ningxia) region run by West Cloud Data would undergo a second phase expansion in order to better support the implementation of this strategy.

The first phase of new plant facilities and supportable computing power is scheduled to be completed. 1.3 times as many. The third availability zone will be officially released by Sinnet’s Amazon Cloud Technology (Beijing) region later in 2021.

In addition, Amazon Cloud Technology has established a “making, education, and science” trinity cloud computing talent training framework to assist China in developing potential cloud computing talent. Amazon Cloud Technology Global revealed in 2020 that by 2025, it would offer free cloud computing technology training to 29 million people, with China playing a key role.

Amazon Cloud Technology also confirmed a strategic partnership with Huami Technology at the conference. Huami Technology makes extensive use of Amazon Cloud Technology around the globe to support its “chip-end cloud” strategic layout, which spans more than 70 countries and regions.