For the first time, full screen is used! New iPad mini 6 renderings have surfaced: The home button has vanished

This year, Apple will not hold any new product releases in the spring, and the new iPad range, which was the centerpiece of the previously planned spring meeting, will be announced directly on the company’s website. This year’s iPad mini 6 will have several significant updates in comparison to the much-anticipated Mini LED screen variant of the iPad Pro.

First and foremost, the iPad mini 6 can adjust the shape of the screen. It will feature a full view, identical to the original iPad Air 4, for the first time, significantly increasing the maximum screen ratio. Around the same time, the circular HOME button on the front will be removed, and Touch ID will be integrated into the physical power supply on the rear. Toggle the switch. It’s worth noting that, as a result of the iPad mini 6’s improved screen-to-body ratio, the machine’s screen size would be expanded as well, with at least an 8.4-inch display, though the body size does not change much.

The iPad mini 6 is expected to be fitted with Apple’s new A14 bionic chip, which is actually one of the most popular smartphone devices on the market. It will also have a Snapdragon 5G baseband, support 5G network connections, and provide 64/128/256GB three A storage options, as well as support for Apple Pencil 2nd generation. It’s worth noting that the iPad mini 6’s price will increase as a result of the machine’s overall improvements in appearance and configuration, but its overall place in the entry-level market will be retained, making it the cheapest A14 unit.