For the first time in 10 years: Wikipedia will be redesigned

The online encyclopedia “Wikipedia” will change the design of its desktop version for the first time in 10 years. This process should be fully completed by 2021. What will change in one of the most popular sites in the world.

For the last 10 years, the architecture of Wikipedia, which is one of the 15 websites most viewed on the Internet, has remained untouched, but now its creators have agreed that it is time to keep up with the times. Updates to some of the core components were announced by Wikimedia, the organisation responsible for handling the online encyclopedia.

They decided to retain the architecture of Wikipedia for a long time, according to members of Wikimedia, so as not to confuse users with new features.

Now they intend to modernize the interface while maintaining the encyclopedia’s “identity”.

It is stated that in certain language versions of Wikipedia, the improvements will be introduced progressively in order to verify them with actual users. By 2021, a full website update can be done. If the updates would also impact the web edition of the encyclopedia is not yet understood.

A smaller emblem in the upper left corner and the option to cover the side menu include improvements expected by Wikimedia. This is intended to ensure that the user is not diverted from reading and does not spill into his field of view with irrelevant details.

It is understood that to modify the language, the side menu is always used-now this feature would be at the top of the list, not far from the search bar.

The user will be able to select the languages ​​that he uses in order to switch from one version to another with just one click. 

It would ease the reading of long papers by incorporating material with its chapters, which will all be fixed in one position and open to the user on every part of the page.

Our mission is to make Wikipedia more persuasive, more reader-friendly, and still accessible for current publishers. Wikimedia said, “We will watch your reaction to improvements in the site ‘s appearance and functionality.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin called it unfair in November 2019 for Russians to rely on Wikipedia as a source of information and recommended replacing it with the Great Russian Encyclopedia.

“Regarding Wikipedia, it is better to replace it with a new Great Russian Encyclopedia in electronic form. This will be, in any case, reliable information in a good, modern, by the way, form, ”the head of state said.

The executive director of Wikimedia, that Putin’s words about replacing Wikipedia with the Great Russian Encyclopedia were met with alarm by his organization.

Is it not quite obvious what replacing Wikipedia means? Uh? Block? It’s not plain this nuance. Essentially? We are just in favour of the number of outlets being expanded. If this means that anything else is being lost, so it is not quite clear. It is doubtful that Putin had in mind the above. I hope so,’ Kozlovsky said.

The sum of Wikipedia information, he claims, is many times greater than the size of the Russian Encyclopedia.