For the Russian regions, the cloud builder of electronic public services was created

A notice was sent to the regions by the Ministry of Digital Development that the functionality of the public services platform would be extended in 2021: a cloud-based type creator will appear. The department also requested the regions to report on their readiness to move to electronic form most of the local and state services.

Cloud-based public utility constructor
In the areas, a cloud-based shape creator (OKF) will appear for electronic services. According to the ‘Expert Center of the Electronic State,’ the Ministry of Digital Science has sent a notice that the latest features of the consolidated public service portal (EPGU) could be introduced in 2021.

With the aid of the OKF, it will be possible to establish digital forms posted on the EPGU by the executive authorities of the constituent bodies of Russia, which provide state and municipal services.

Remember that Dmitry Medvedev, then Prime Minister, stressed at a visiting meeting of the Government Commission on Digital Transformation in May 2019 that 70% of all public services should be delivered online by 2024.

He then said that a single creator of electronic application forms will appear on the EPGU in the next two years. This will ease the launch of regular sites in the regions and in the area, he said, and will speed up the procedures. “Applications can be submitted and answers can be received using a single technology, that is, speaking the same language, which is very important,” Dmitry Medvedev explained.

The Ministry of Digital Industry has now requested the regions to provide details on the readiness to use OKF while electronically exchanging state and local services, as well as to provide a list and name of the services scheduled for withdrawal in 2021. The regions would also have to report a prediction of the number of demands from people to access services each month, the scheduled dates for the service’s output to the test and production circuits. The efficient circuit is a series of versions of information systems intended to carry out legally significant operations.

Steps to create a “Gosoblak” united

The “state cloud” initiative is aimed at offering a centralized cloud infrastructure for government departments. The government accepted the notion of establishing a centralized cloud platform for the first time in 2015. However, only in 2019 was the updated definition, which was contained in the law on the transition of state information systems to a unified cloud platform, approved by a government decree.

The cost of execution of the project has been projected at 47.6 billion rubles in 2019-2021. The Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications (now the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications) has recommended the appointment of the Technical Research Institute ‘Voskhod’ as the Chief Planner of the programme.

VTB, Rostelecom and Russian Post shared their participation and readiness to participate in the Gostech growth in June 2020. They proposed using the platform’s State Centralized Cloud Platform (GEOP, Gosoblako) and not having two feature-duplicating systems.”

The Ministry of Labour, the Department of Justice, Rostekhnadzor, Rosimushchestvo, FCS and Rosgvardia initially engaged in an experiment to move government agencies’ IT structures into a single server. In November 2020, the President of the Government Digitalization Commission ordered the Ministry of Finance to connect a variety of other ministries and funds to the initiative to move IT structures to the State Cloud, including the Ministry of Economy, Rostrud, Rossreestr, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Development, Rosselkhoznadzor, Rosleskhoz, the Pension Fund and the Compulsory Health Fund.

As Kommersant wrote in response to the minutes of the legal commission meeting, by 1 February 2021, the Ministry of Digital Science should create a timetable for the transfer of participants in the experiment to GEOP and shape tariffs for cloud services.

The Ministry of Digital Industry, according to Konstantin Gurzov, Head of the Ministry’s Department of Informatization Initiatives, will plan standard tariffs and conduct an auction for the provision of these facilities, including a framework agreement with the contractor.

What civil sector constructors have been offered since

It was intended that the use of the regional technology portal and the personal account of the operator of the RSMEV would allow the approved authorities to independently track the state of the regional electronic government infrastructure (RIEP), to obtain statistics on the key subsystems of the RIEP, to control the regional public service portal, and to make requests for technical support and help.