For the spread of IBM Japan tanks, 50 firms engaged in the business sector

IBM Japan, Ltd. revealed that more than 50 SIers and tech vendors have joined the “Container Co-creation Center,” a business forum aimed at extending container use. Eltex and JTP were also present. The majority of the 50 firms are IBM Japan’s corporate associates, small and medium-sized SIers and tech suppliers.

“In the future, we’d like to see startups, consumer system branches, and SIers with tens of thousands of people competing in business,” said Atsushi Sasaki, General Manager of Cloud Platform Tech Sales, IBM Japan’s Technology Business Headquarters.

IBM Japan’s Container Co-creation Center will provide an opportunity to foster container construction. Participating firms will exchange examples and seek to broaden distribution platforms in addition to demonstrating container technologies at monthly study sessions. IBM Japan will supply the verification container portal free of charge. The aim of the center’s opening is to raise awareness of IBM’s container service in the United States. Along with the cloud development tool “Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud,” IBM also offers the “Kubernetes” container storage operation service.