For the US chip blockade Yu Chengdong: We are thinking of a way

According to estimates, after Huawei was included in the “Name List” in May 2019, Huawei’s total number Tochter companies listed in the US “Name List” reached 152.

TSMC will not be able to continue manufacturing chips for Huawei after 14 September according to regulations.

Earlier this month, Yu Chengdong said Huawei’s global leader Kirin, due to US sanctions After September 15 series chips can not be created and will become a swan song.

Huawei announced it would deliver a keynote speech at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin (IFA 2020),
Germany, September 3, local time, at 2 p.m. Huawei can release the Kirin 9000 processor according to past experience, and the Mate 40 series is going to be the first to bring the chip. Kirin 9000 is understood to be using TSMC ‘s 5 nm process.

Yu Chengdong once called on the domestic semi-conductor industry chain to reinforce cooperation and exploring a rapid
Collection of methods for the manufacture of semiconductor products under the United States ‘sanctions,’ in order to avoid being
In this area “stuck” in the future for a longer period of time.

“China possesses a deep industrial chain.
There is still a difference between China’s core technology and its ecological heart in the age of mobile Internet social networks
Power capabilities and the United States and other nations.” “We have to develop our ecosystem because of this.

We have to develop our operating system, ecological facilities, chips, machinery , equipment and all of our Basic device capabilities. Sanctions are very difficult for us but they are also a great opportunity Requires us to upgrade our sector as quickly as possible.

Huawei ‘s acts are very fast too. The social media account “Changan Digital King” on 11th of this month

The news broke. Yu Chengdong, CEO of consumer business at Huawei issued a notice to develop a display-driven product
Department Company. To that end, Huawei has sought verification from NetEase Technology and thus the department was created.

From the industry chain, Netease Technology discovered that Huawei was interested in similar ventures as early as the end
Due last year (2019). Huawei HiSilicon is already in development with the first OLED Engine.

It is understood that while China has become a leading producer and exporter of screens, chips for screen drivers are
Most imported.

Driven show dedicated driver chip refers to a driver according to the implementation of “Changan Digital Master”
Chip specifically built for LED display according to the LED’s luminous properties. Show LED Driver IC is a crucial component of the human brain ‘s central nerve, which is responsible for the body’s
Behavior and brain thought and perception.

In the area of LCD driver chips, South Korea , Japan and Hong Kong and Taiwan, public information shows
They became predominant players. In the AMOLED driver chips market, three Korean suppliers, Samsung, Magna Chip
, and Silicon Functions, are a leader in the global market.

The mainland is Shenzhen Tianli Semiconductor, Shanghai Longjing Microelectronics, Xingke Jinpeng, Shanghai Qingpu
And other firms developing IC’s.