Fortnite: here’s the main 5th season news

The fifth season of the Fortnite game is almost upon us, let’s find out the main news together.

13:22 GMT, Saturday, December 5, 2020

We’ve been dreaming about Epic Gaming for the past few days and the upcoming season 5 of its flagship video game, Fortnite.

Fortnite: The upcoming season’s biggest headlines

Season 4 of Fortnite has long been blamed for its monotony. Will the current Season 5 be worthy of covering the previous one’s gaps? About one day after its release, it seems that the response is yes!. For this new season, many had hoped for the return of the old map. This was not, unfortunately the case. Despite this with the introduction of exclusive biomes (jungle, desert, etc and the famous places of the first chapter, the world of Chapter 2 has been profoundly altered. Nostalgics won’t be allowed to vent in this way.

Epic Games has agreed to add a new mechanic for games called “collaboration on commission” Players will be able to connect with characters on the map from now on to embrace quests and bounties! Of necessity, a new currency was introduced for the occasion that can be purchased in different forms, the gold bars.

Finally, with the inclusion of some weapons and the elimination of others the gameplay has been heavily changed. The goal is to make the experience of gaming new and enjoyable.

The biggest headlines from the latest Fortnite Season 5 are the ones just mentioned. We would remind you that it’s been online for about a day. Over the next few days, more important news will be published.