Free photo site Freepik reports data leak involving 8.3 million users

Freepik, a website devoted to the distribution of high-quality free images and graphic design, today a big security breach has been revealed. When people began writing about it on social media
This week, the organization publicly revealed the details of the breach warning emails in their inboxes,
Confirming the authenticity of the emails sent over the last few days to registered users.

The security breach happened after a hacker (or several hackers) according to the company’s official statement
Using a flaw in SQL injection to access one of the app data collection tables. Freepik told hackers
The usernames and passwords of the oldest 8.3 million registered users were gathered on the Freepik and Flaticon websites.

Freepik did not mention where or where the bug was found. Yet the business said:” That it promptly told the appropriate authorities after hearing of the incident and started investigating vulnerability and information monitoring gained by hackers”.

As for the content which was excluded,
Freepik said not all user accounts had passwords associated with them and hackers just stole some personal knowledge away.

The firm sets this figure at 4.5 million, which covers people who have shared email accounts with third parties
(Google, or Facebook).

“The attackers have got hashes of their email addresses and passwords for the remaining 3.77 million accounts, “Undertaking included. “Bcrypt is the tool for cracking passwords, and MD5 is salted to 229,000 applications.
Then we updated the hash values to bcrypt for all users.

The organization said it now uses personalized emails to alert all users impacted depending on the steps taken.

These emails will be sent to users of Freepik and Flaticon according to whatever service the customer has approved.
Freepik is currently one of the most popular websites on the Internet, and ranks 97th on the Alexa

List of top 100 websites. Not far behind is Flaticon, which ranks 668th.

Once EQT purchased Freepik at the end of May this year, the firm reported that there was more to the Freepik operation
20 million Users Registered.

Registered users of Slidesgo, the website of another Freepik group, tend to be unaffected