Fresh trick from Google: sit! Swipe TikTok on Google

Many Internet companies want to get a piece of it with the full proliferation of short videos on a global scale.

After being slow, however, it is no longer so easy to try to compete with TikTok.

Foreign media announced in April of this year that YouTube, Google’s largest video-sharing platform in the world, is planning to introduce short video features by the end of this year. The new short video feature has been named after the new

Instead of as a standalone product, shorts will live in the current YouTube key app on Android and iOS clients. Shorts would allow users to push short videos to a smartphone application, much like using TikTok, and use allowed music as background music in the YouTube music catalog.

And now another trick has been released by Google,

Google has recently tested a new feature in the Google APP that can aggregate Instagram and TikTok videos. By doing so, Google can retain some individuals who originally wanted to leave the Google platform and watch other leisure and entertainment social video apps.

And actually, this feature is an extension of the test released earlier this year:

For the first time in Google Explore, Google first launched a “Short Videos” sliding suggestion-in the customized recommendation on the left side of the Google APP home screen for certain Android smartphones.

It should be noticed that this “short video” sliding recommendation varies from the Google Stories launched in October 2020 (Google Stories is a feature used on iOS and Android devices in the Google Search APP). This “short video” sliding recommendation is distinct from the Google Stories launched in October 2020.These “Stories”-formerly referred to as “AMP Stories”-are short video content created by online publishing partners of Google.

“All of the Google affiliate list are “Forbes”, “USA Today”, Vice, Now This, Bustle, Thrillist, etc.

And this latest product, the sliding suggestion “short video” has focused on aggregating viral videos on other platforms:

Google’s own short video project Tangi, TikTok’s Indian rival Trell, and Google’s own video site YouTube were all included in the ‘short videos’ when this feature was first launched.

And now, the search results have also been applied to Instagram and TikTok content and have been moved explicitly.