From the IT perspective Predicting Biden’s US in 2021

  1. Appoints new federal head of artificial intelligence research and development
    Biden is expected to be aggressive in advancing the field of artificial intelligence. It is expected that a new bureaucratic system will be established, and efforts will be made to develop and utilize artificial intelligence as an economic and social infrastructure technology.
    Saturday, November 21, 2020, 11:45 GMT

    In that sense, my guess is that the appointment of an AI general manager within 90 days of taking office will promote collaboration between the public and private sectors. Perhaps the main purpose at the beginning is the development and application of artificial intelligence to prevent various attempts to distribute fake news, false facts, and deepfake images.

Therefore, it will be a natural procedure to keep up with the next task of the Biden administration in solving the, problem of authenticity of online content. This will also serve as an important foundation for the re-election challenge in 2024. If so, it is highly likely that the new AI manager will take on the role of linking the’Reality Defender’ project or the’Content Autheticity’ project currently being conducted by industry and government agencies.

Once the AI ​​director has been in charge of some of the election-related tasks, he will begin to tackle a number of AI-related issues that are currently controversial. Face recognition, privacy, bias removal, algorithmic transparency, and labor replacement are urgent topics. If you look so far, it seems that the new head of artificial intelligence is likely to be from Silicon Valley.

  1. Aggressive visa issuance to absorb foreign IT manpower
    Absorption of foreign talent will also be an essential task for the Biden administration to aggressively develop the IT field. In particular, a scenario where H-1B visas are issued more flexibly while striving to recruit outstanding talents in the IT field is expected. That means reviewing the various policies and regulations of the Trump regime that weren’t advocating for immigrants. This review will take place within 90 days of taking office.

I expect IT professionals with high technical skills to make it easier to immigrate to the United States in the future. US IT companies are very active in recruiting foreign IT experts. There are not just one or two Silicon Valley CEOs eagerly waiting for Biden to change her policy. Biden is known to understand this well, and it is expected to recommend companies to’provide high salaries to overseas talents’ in line with the national visa issuance.

  1. Google’s Antitrust Violation Case, A Little Loose
    Election Not long ago, the Trump administration’s judiciary sued Google for antitrust violations. Biden is expected to be a little lax in this area. Of course, I won’t be ordering or ordering to drop the complaint. Several lawmakers who support the case (i.e. on the other side of Google), especially Democrats, are likely to meet and start persuasion. In doing so, the investigation into Google will change the direction of reaching an agreement between the federal government and Google.

Personally, I am convinced that the first few months of the Biden administration’s inauguration will spend considerable time reviewing the case. At the same time, we will consider whether it is efficient to control the power that representative IT companies such as Facebook and Amazon, as well as Google, in the modern society, or whether it is efficient to create and maintain a system that embraces their power.

However, it cannot be as friendly as Silicon Valley. When Silicon Lee gives the impression that Biden is in control, it is no different from politically scoring an own goal. For Biden, the Google monopoly law complaint is inevitably a very important factor, as he should strategically promote IT technology while giving the impression that he’leads’ them well. There are quite a few Biden supporters who believe that Google has violated the antitrust laws, so your head will already hurt.

  1. Social Media and Communication Quality Act
    Abolition or weakening of section 230 of the Communication Quality Act is also expected to be the initial goal of the Biden administration. As a rule frequently posted by Facebook and Twitter, it contains the content that “the platform provider is not responsible for the content that platform users upload themselves to the platform.” In fact, Biden has already proposed abolition of this rule. The reason was that social media were neglecting inappropriate content because of this regulation.

The Trump administration has also ordered strict enforcement of section 230. However, as Trump’s purpose was to remove content that was critical of his administration or re-election, Biden would not be able to continue Trump’s approach. However, Biden may also fall into the trap of’repealing paragraph 230 to remove political content that is unfavorable to him.’ Even if you don’t fall into a trap on your own, you should also take into account that it’s superficially the same as Trump’s movements, which exposes you to similar criticism.

To prevent things from going that way, Biden must push forward legislation that imposes more transparency for companies. In other words, a device should be prepared to prevent social media companies from censoring content at will. It will be a difficult problem. This is because the US Congress is severely divided, and the issue of censorship and transparency in social media content is directly related to the party. I wonder how Biden will solve this problem.

  1. Checking China’s Growth
    China’s leap forward in the IT field is not serious, and Biden will take the task of checking it. However, it is expected to show both confrontation and inclusion, and therefore, after taking office, we will work to lower the barriers to imports and exports, which have risen due to the US-China trade war. At the same time, checks are expected to be made at the political and diplomatic level. Economic inclusion and political checks will be Biden’s answer. However, it is unlikely that we will see Chinese companies like Huawei trying to hit the US cloud computing industry.

Among the IT sectors, AI, 5G, and quantum computer technologies are expected to have a particularly high number of collisions with China, and the Biden administration is likely to have no choice but to amplify investments in this field. Companies in this field will compete for major projects or research funding, and tax savings can be expected.

  1. Relieving Concerns over Public Surveillance and Censorship through Technological Advancement
    Currently, general consumers, that is, most of the people, are very sensitive to privacy issues. How sensitive is the public opinion that concerns that technological advances will lead to privacy invasion. It’s not without ground. However, it is unfavorable to be unable to achieve technological advancement because of worries. Can the Biden administration address these concerns and promote safe technological advances? There are also several political avenues involved.

First of all, it cannot be said that Biden has no idea about this. That’s why we expect a move to apply at the federal level a law similar to California’s consumer protection laws. Biden is known to be friendly to California’s consumer protection laws, and he has cited such nuances in several interviews. After preparing such a safety device, it will be his line to pursue technological advancement.

  1. So in the end
    Of course, by taking the above directions, it is difficult to expect that all problems will ideally be resolved within the term. In addition, a huge challenge, called Corona, is now blocking the front of the new administration. No matter how important IT is, it is not more urgent than health. In addition, the economic crisis accompanied by the pandemic is his homework. Therefore, what kind of balance will be shown between all these urgent issues and the long-term challenges such as promoting the IT technology sector is the point of observation at the beginning of the inauguration.