FUJIFILM introduces new technologies for magnetic tape, making 580 TB in one volume

On December 16, 2020, FUJIFILM Corporation announced that magnetic tapes that use’ strontium ferrite (SrFe) magnetic material’ as a new magnetic material have been successfully tested. SrFe magnetic material would increase the recording density by approximately 50 times that of the existing magnetic tape ‘LTO-8’ and allow magnetic tape with a capacity of 580 terabytes (TB) per roll to be produced.

As the magnetic material used as the recording material for magnetic tape, FUJIFILM currently uses “barium ferrite (BaFe) magnetic material” The SrFe magnetic material is the counterpart to the magnetic material of BaFe, and the magnetic material particles have become smaller and it is possible to increase the recording density considerably.

This time, FUJIFILM developed a mass-production technique to add SrFe magnetic material uniformly to the disk, and succeeded in actually capturing and reproducing magnetic tape data using a magnetic head in an experiment.

It is a joint experiment with IBM’s “IBM Research in the United States, and IBM has developed the magnetic head control technology and the read signal processing technology. Magnetic tapes that use SrFe magnetic materials are expected to take many years to commercialize.