Fujitsu disposes of 5 officers due to TSE system failure, President Tokita reduces monthly remuneration 50% for 4 months

Fujitsu, which is responsible for creating the arrowhead over the device malfunction that happened in the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s ‘arrowhead’ stock trading system on October 1, 2020, began with President Takahito Tokita on December 3, 2020. The disposal of the five officers was announced.

14:53 GMT, Thursday, December 3, 2020

For four months, President Tokita would cut 50 percent of the monthly salary. In addition, for 4 months, Hidenori Furuta reduced 30 percent of monthly compensation, and Ryuji Kushida, managing director of the hardware-handling system network business division, reduced 20 percent of monthly compensation for 4 months, a TSE-cooperating global solution. For four months, Hirohisa Yamaguchi, Managing Executive Officer, General Manager of the Business Group for Finance & Retail Solutions, and Takeshi Horie, Managing Executive Officer, Deputy General Manager of the Business Division of System Platform, will each reduce 10% of monthly compensation.

In this system failure, after the ETERNUS (Eternus) NR1000 memory of the Fujitsu NAS failed, it was not possible to automatically switch to the backup NAS and spread the error.

With regard to the system failure of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, on 30 November Koichiro Miyahara, President of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, resigned and Akira Kiyota, CEO of the Japan Exchange Group (JPX), the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s parent company, paid 50 monthly fees. Ryusuke Yokoyama, Managing Executive Officer, was punished by a four-month reduction of 20 percent of the monthly salary, and TSE Executive Officer Hiroki Kawai was punished by a 4-month reduction of 10 percent of the monthly salary.