Fujitsu’s “fourth option” for S / 4HANA migration, what will change from the conventional method

The standard support period for the European SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) package “SAP ERP (also known as SAP ECC 6.0, hereinafter ECC)” will end at the end of 2027. Although the standard support period at the end of 2025 has been extended by two years, the current situation is that many ECC user companies have not yet been able to migrate to the latest version of SAP S / 4HANA (S / 4HANA).

Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 08:21 GMT

 Moreover, the transition to S4 / HANA often takes a long time for the project. For example, if ECC is used for 10 years or more, the amount of business data accumulated may reach several tens of terabytes. Makoto Kitazawa, EBAS Business Headquarters, Fujitsu’s EBAS Business Headquarters, 1st Solution Business Unit, 2nd Solution Department Manager explains, “Including data migration, it generally takes more than a year to renovate.”

 Fujitsu has entered into a partnership with Germany’s Schneider Neuwriter and Partner (SNP) to break through this situation. We will globally develop the “SAP S / 4HANA BLUE FIELD conversion service”, a migration service to S / 4HANA that utilizes the data conversion platform “Crystal Bridge” provided by SNP.

Fourth means to transition
 So far, there have been three major approaches to migration. “Green Field” that newly introduces S / 4HANA, and “Brown Field” that takes over ECC parameter settings and data to S / 4HANA and rebuilds it. And it is “selective data migration” that migrates only the ECC settings and business data selected by the user to S / 4HANA. This approach is provided by SAP Europe.

 There are advantages and disadvantages to the three approaches. Greenfield will be able to take advantage of new S / 4HANA features, but will increase man-hours and costs. The transition generally takes a year or two or more. While the brownfield can follow the current business, it is difficult to use the new functions implemented in S / 4HANA. Despite the low added value of the transition, the transition will take a year or two.

 Selective data migration can meet the demands of user companies that want to use the new features of S / 4HANA while taking over ECC assets, but SAP Japan itself, not the partner company, will provide the service. This is because it uses tools developed by SAP in Europe to interact directly with customers and transfer data directly between ECC and S / 4HANA data tables. However, “compared to the tools provided by SNP, it is less versatile and is optimized individually. In many cases, you have to write the program from scratch,” said Koichi Yokoyama, CTO of SNP Japan.