Gang crashed: Hacker hover

The 13-person foreign ‘hacker’ gang, which took over the systems of companies operating on online stock exchange and forex trading platforms in the international markets, was destroyed by the Istanbul Provincial Gendarmerie command teams in 4 provinces.

It was determined that the suspects earned nearly $ 800,000 within minutes on the stock exchange and foreign exchange trading platforms.

After a technical and physical follow-up that lasted for about 3 months, the teams determined the addresses used by the members of the Syrian ANEA-led organization. Simultaneously to 19 different addresses in Istanbul, Bursa, Gaziantep and Sanliurfa provinces.operation In the searches made by organizing teams, approximately 30 million lira worth of money, 31 gold bracelets, 7 gold bracelets, 6 gold necklaces, money counting machine, tablet computer, 22 mobile phones, 12 computers including 10 notebooks, 10 hard disks, 11 flash memory , 1 recording device, 250 telephone lines were seized, 13 suspects were detained.

The detained Syrian national organization leader ANEA, organization managers AN, AA and organization members RA, AS, SA, AE, MAH, WS, AA, AA, FA and M.İ.R. The members of the organized crime organization named, named after the gendarmerie, were arrested by the court they were taken to in Bakırköy Courthouse.


In the investigations carried out by the gendarmerie teams, it was determined that the suspects took over the accounts of the companies and rendered transactions inoperable, delayed the updating of the prices of the company by giving purchase and cancellation orders in a short time, and entered the companies’ accounts without drawing attention.