Github reports dozens of programs for downloading YouTube videos have been removed

Monday, October 26, 2020, 13:37 GMT

Developers found a clever way out. 18 servers of libraries for uploading YouTube videos from GitHub have been withdrawn. This is mainly YouTube-dl, and 17 modifications to one of the most famous projects in the history of GitHub. The justification was the copyright holder’s protest, but developers are now using alternative YouTube-dl distribution platforms.

GitHub at the Copyright Holders Service

Almost 20 library repositories that enable you to import YouTube videos have been deleted by GitHub. In reaction to a request made by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), he did so.

There were a total of 18 repositories closed. The YouTube-dl project, one of the most popular not only among software developers for uploading videos from the Internet, but also in general on GitHub, was chief among them.

According to ZDnet, the archive accumulated 72 thousand “stars” shortly before deletion, local analogs of likes from social networks. Various forks of YouTube-dl are the other 17 servers.

The lawsuit by the Organization notes that YouTube-dl is intended to circumvent the algorithms of copyright protection introduced in streaming platforms, like YouTube. Furthermore, the corporation is adamant that the project will be used to deliver audio recordings and videos without the consent of the owners of the rights to them.

The RIAA has pointed to the fact that the YouTube-dl guidelines contain examples of streaming a variety of copyrighted music in its order to delete the repositories. This include Tunnel Vision by Justin Timberlake, which is copyrighted by (Sony Music Group), and Shake it off by (Universal Music Group) Taylor Swift.

The project is not closed, the designers should not give up,
The YouTube-dl repositories and their offshoots were also not available on GitHub at the time of the writing. The project has a dedicated page in the .org region at the same time , allowing everyone to download the library they need. The September 20, 2020 update was available for download as of October 26, 2020.

The hope of getting repositories back continues

There are many examples of unblocking “pirated” libraries in the history of GitHub that copyright holders also talked regarding. At the end of May 2020, one of the most recent cases happened, when the popcorn-desktop and popcorn-api servers of the popular pirated Popcorn Time streaming service were restored from oblivion. It helps you to stream videos and TV shows for free on the Internet, discovering them all around the planet on torrent trackers.

GitHub repository with the YouTube-dl code attached to it

The Developers’ Social Network

GitHub was released in 2008, joining over 28 million app developers in its 12-year history. In GitHub libraries, the cumulative number of source codes contained exceeds 80 million. More than 1.5 million enterprises, including major companies such as Apple, Amazon and Google, still use GitHub services. In the number of developers who contribute to the Microsoft VSCode repository on GitHub, Microsoft is the master.

GitHub also functions as a kind of global social network for software developers of different disciplines alongside the main feature of the web repository. Microsoft became GitHub ‘s owner in 2018, paying $7.5 billion for it.