Goodbye 3G : hundreds of antennas turned off by Tim, WindTre and Vodafone

4G is continually evolving and 5G is gradually joining the picture today. 3G will potentially accept us in order to will prices.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the development in science proceeds without apprehension. In fact, this was to be the 5G activation year, so it was for the TIM and Vodafone telecommunications operators. The press did not though, cause a huge fuss, since it was covered by a very tough situation like the one we are facing. The work on fresh ties, however has proceeded intensively. Indeed the Italian telecom operators had already placed their hands on the wallet, shelling out huge amounts of money in order to make the first adjustments in order to allow customers to use the connection more easily.

The calculation made recently seems to be a decent 6.5 billion invested by all providers on the technology and maintenance of 5G networks. TIM and Vodafone have spent 2 billion each to excel in the sprint to 5 G, moving much more into depth. However, luckily for them the gamble could pay off. Hey? As? By shutting the 3G antennas off .

3G Goodbye: The future is for the latest 4G and 5G connections. Also, 2G persists.
This prospect, which will help to retain the second generation 2G technology which is required for the proper operation of 5G, has already been commonly regarded by operators. The third generation will then be definitively shut down as a result. We are obviously not talking about an immediate transition, however in reality it will also take some time to become more homogeneous for the coverage of the fourth generation network, particularly when 3G will officially say good-bye.

At the same time, it must definitely be taken into account that this direction can be taken with much more confidence than before, simply because the energy saved is not negligible, and it also brings capital to save it. In addition due to all this, investments that could be more beneficial for customers would also be feasible.