Google Assistant now reads notifications in the headphones

Also inside the headphones, the Google Assistant can read the updates from now on, let’s find all the information together

Google Assistant has gotten much smarter in the last couple of weeks, and is now able to execute planned acts, such as making alerts read straight into the headphones.

In reality, until recently, if you did not have a compatible model, it was not possible to have the updates received on your mobile read directly into your headphones. Let’s jointly check out all the specifics.

Google Assistant now reads headphone messages as well.
In fact, with the new update of the software, the feature seems to have been expanded to almost any pair of earphones, as long as they are wired, and therefore attached via a 3.5mm audio jack or via USB-C. Therefore, connectivity with Bluetooth headphones is lacking at the moment: a function which seems doomed to come sooner or later, even though we have no clues about the timing.

Simply attach your earphones to activate the feature and then obey the warning instructions that will display on the screen, or click and hold the button on your headphones. The same configuration procedure that was previously reserved for a selected number of headphones, apparently including the Pixel Buds, will begin at this stage.

” Allow the assistant to read your notifications ” is also among the different options: if you have given the respective access authorization for the app, the game will be finished. Where you need to click the action button on your earphones to connect with the Google Assistant, a long press will instead result in the issuing of two beeps, after which the Google Assistant will first communicate the time, then notify you of the total number of updates, and finally it will tell you the new messages.